...you can change the end to your beginning

Every now and then you meet a very special bride... and sometimes you meet her twice!
We first met when she bought her wedding gown from us almost ten years ago! Now we meet again as she is looking for a gown for her vow renewal. That in itself is amazing... but even more-so is her love story.
She said the road was not an easy one for them. There were difficulties. There was time spent apart. There was love lost and amazingly their love was found again. She literally lit up when she talked about him. How handsome he is. She gushed about her children and her grandchildren! She said how lucky she was. How lucky they were. She said what a blessing it was for them to find their way through the hard times and come out of it with a completely new understanding of what their love actually was. How much more they appreciated it. How blessed they were to find a new end to their beginning.
...and I feel lucky to have heard her story and to have met her. Twice. . Thank You Denise