wrong number... right gown!

Just when I thought I had seen EVERYTHING in the shop... this happened. Quite often a bride will have someone take pictures of her modeling the "contender" gowns to share with family or friends who could not be with her for the appointment. Yesterday, our bride had her mom take pictures and share them with her maid of honor who was not able to be with her. Picture after picture was sent to her friend... or so we thought! Anxiously she waited for a response from her maid
of honor and then this message was received. "Hello! You have the wrong number, but gown number one is gorgeous and our favorite!" Yes. Wrong Number. At the end of the appointment our bride said it only felt right to let our new wrong-number-friend know that she too loved gown number one and it was THE dress for her! I love the support our brides get from family, friends - even from a wrong number!