Prom-posal to Proposal... 35 years later!

I meet a lot of brides.  I hear a lot of love stories.  This one was special.

(I will not use their real names)

"Lynn" and "Dan" met in the 4th grade.  Lynn said their last names were one vowel off... which meant they sat beside each other for the next 8 years.  They were friends.  Actually, she said they were best friends through 8th grade, until Dan got a girlfriend.  

Fast forward to high school.  Lynn had a long term boyfriend, and Dan had a new girlfriend.  She said they would socialize in the same friend group - but still found it very hard to see him with another girl.   Senior year they were in the same science class and were paired for lab, alphabetically.  She laughed telling me and said it was the happiest moment of her life!  Well, they found themselves single again about two months before prom.  Dan said they should go together, as friends, and they did!  Lynn said it really put a spark in their relationship and she always considered it their first real date.  The prom was June 10, 1988

They left for college.  Always found time to see each other during breaks and holidays.  She got engaged.  He got engaged.  She married.  Divorced. He married.  Divorced.  Twice. Somewhere in there, they lost touch.  Then one fateful afternoon, standing on line in CVS in a state neither of them lived in, she heard his voice in the next aisle.  The date was June 10, 2021.  

They left CVS together that day and shared a 6 hour lunch.  They have been together ever since.  Dan asked Lynn to marry him on June 10, 2022.  They will be married this year... any guesses???  Yes!  June 10, 2023.  Thirty-five years after their "first date".  Amazing!