It was my FIRST "Bridal Facetime Festival"!

On occassion we will have a bride that arrives to her appointment alone - for various reasons!  We've had brides who did the "group thing" and left overwhelmed and empty handed or girls who came just to take a look and ended up finding their dream dress!  Most recently our beautiful bride Sara had just moved to New Jersey to join her fiance who had been transferred with his job from Oklahoma!   She explained that she had a large FABULOUS (her words!) bridal party back home and she would send them photos of the gown she ultimatley chose.  What she did NOT know is that her maid of honor had contacted me earlier in the week explaining that she and her bridesmaids were throwing a "Bridal Facetime Festival" during her appointment time in Oklahoma!   The fabulous plan was in place when Sara arrived!  While she was pulling a few gowns from the rack, I quickly texted her friend and let her know she had arrived.    I set up my laptop beside the large mirror she would stand beside and waited...  Sara walked out of the fitting room in a gorgeous lace gown and my laptop screen opened up to a room FULL OF HER FRIENDS pink champagne in hand, Team Bride tiaras on, waving YES and NO paddles and all hootin' and hollerin' !  Absolutley Priceless!!!   Behind them was a HUGE banner that read "Sara's Bridal Facetime Festival"!   Clearly there was a lot of planning that went into this party!  I popped a little bottle of champagne and Sara toasted her friends.  It was quite a moment!   Sara tried on only five gowns and ultimatley chose the very first gown she tried on.  (It did get 9/9 YES paddles!!)   She said she would always remember how she felt the moment she walked out in THAT gown seeing all her friends.  And really... what could ever be more beautiful than that?  

I could not agree more Sara.