Bridal Buyers Remorse! Yes... It's a real thing!

My first THREE, of five appointments yesterday all had "Bridal Buyers Remorse".  Yes, it is a real thing!

Bride #1   "I know this may sound crazy but... I'm getting married in three weeks and I really don't like my gown!"

Bride #2    "I'm sure you never hear this and you're going to think I'm crazy, but I don't like my wedding gown!"

Bride #3    "I know this will sound crazy and I bet..."   Let me interrupt you, I said.  I bet you dont like your wedding gown???  "How did you know?"

Bridal Buyers Remorse.

I meet with many, many brides and hear very similar stories.   Brides make dress shopping an "event".   They come with moms, sisters, friends, bridal party, in-laws, aunts and cousins!   They arrive with champagne, they bring photo props, take videos, post on Instagram and add stories to SnapChat. Then from the crowd comes those four dreaded words!  "Are you saying Yes?!?!?!"  The crowd holds it's breath and the bride folds under pressure.  YES!?!?!?   They laugh, cry, scream, make plans for a post shopping lunch and then the bride leaves with the gown of THEIR dreams.  Not hers. 

In all the craziness and confusion the brides vision of what she wants is lost.   I have always said keep your circle small when dress shopping.  Bring the people who know you best, understand your vision and support your choices.  No "Negative Nancy's" or "Bitter Bettys" . (see previous blog lol)  

There is nothing worse than dressing a bride and watching her face the crowd of guests asking them what THEY think, before she evens sees herself in the mirror. "What do you think great-aunt Phyllis?"  I actually choked at her question.  Well, great-aunt Phyllis said the bride should be wearing pure white... with sleeves... and no train because they are "pointless and just get in the way"... and her back should not be exposed.   So, with that being said do you think this bride could ever have met the expectations of great-aunt Phyllis in a gown that wasn't styled in 1950?

Here's another favorite, said by a sister of the bride.  "The back is nice, if you want your butt to look like that.  I wouldn't wear that.  Ever.  But if you like it..."    OH.  

- That's a weird color though, right?

- You should wear mermaid fit

- You should wear a ballgown

- You need more sparkle...


Save yourself from Bridal Buyers Remorse.  Keep the circle small  Great Aunt Phyllis had her gown.  You choose yours.