Be a girls girl... leave "Bitter Betty" home!


The Absolute BEST part of my job, is witnessing women supporting eachother and sharing in eachothers JOY and HAPPINESS!  I have worked with hundreds of brides.  This means I have also worked with mothers, sisters, grandmothers, cousins, friends, in-laws and even a boss!  On a few occasions I have had the pleasure of a father and a grandfather at the appointment, and an occasional husband to be.   During these appointments I have enjoyed seeing the comradery of girlfriends, sometimes showing up in bridal themed shirts and toting bottles of champagne.  Truly enjoying every moment. They're busy taking pictures for the bride, sharing them through text and laughing... it's the best.  They are here not to celebrate the "engagement" anymore.  They are here to celebrate the BRIDE and share in the joy of HER choosing a gown.  I'm reminded daily, that the best attendants are the girls who support the brides decisions and fashion choices.  The girls who are positive in demeanor and happy in spirit.  Sweet.  Supportive.  Sensitive.   Occasionaly we will meet a "Bitter Betty" and her energy sucks the joy right out of the room.   Be a girls girl.  Be the friend YOU would want to bring to YOUR bridal appointment!  And to the bride...Leave Bitter Betty home  ;)